La Doma since 1985

La Doma was founded in 1985 by two brothers from a family that had been tanning and processing lamb leather in a small Catalan town since the mid-eighteenth century. A new generation, carrying through this long tradition, has positioned La Doma as a worldwide producer of lambskin for the fashion industry. Being an export-driven company with over 80% of our output going abroad, we are able to supply garment makers all over the world, including to Italy, Turkey, China, Russia, France, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Canada, Japan...

Tanning has been used for centuries to treat and transform animal hides from a raw material into a durable primary manufacturing product. Dyeing and processing the skins is a way of combining their natural qualities with current trends. Both processes require knowledge of traditional techniques and constant innovation in order to achive the best product possible.

La Doma invests in eco-friendly, water saving techniques, as well as a repair shop to fix rather than replace machines. All the lambskins La Doma produces are by-products of the meat industry.

The company produces leather and shearling and is well-known for its intricate double-face processing, our speciality. The source of our raw material - mostly from the Iberian Peninsula- is the foundation for the high quality we achive, along with our manufacturing process and constant innovation.

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Through our own specialist department, La Doma continues to be commited everyday to its research towards a more eco-friendly tanning, dyeing and machining processes in order to offer our clients a swift service and a higher quality.