This collection was inspired by the work of the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

War and peace as death and love respectively the two great engines of history that alternate indefinitely until the end of time.

The book is a hymn to peace that comes to us through the exhibition of all the horror that people experience during and after war, including the post-traumatic stress of the military and also civilians of all social status.

Despite the efforts of the brilliant writer, after War and Peace, the world did not understand anything. Wars have been happening indiscriminately until today.

With these colors and articles, the Doma aims to pay a small tribute to this tenacious defender of peace who inspired Mahadma Gandhi in his fight for non-violence.

We want to echo the thought of Leo Tostoy and shout with him that "war is, fundamentally, a senseless event that diminishes people's humanity".

La Fàbrica S/S 2023

Industrial interiors are defined by the architectural elements within a space. At it’s core, form follows function, it embraces every element that composes it’s structure, but funcionality doesn’t exclude beauty.

Every colour is a reference to the foundation of the building and it’s unhidden elements, from the iron machinery, to the reclamied wood and the brick walls. As many have not been able to travel and visit our factory, with this collection we hope to bring our factory to you.

Colour’s Essence F/W 2022/23

This collection explores the behind the scenes work that is put on each colour we present, instead of focusing on an outside theme, this season we chose to strip the work we create back to it’s very essential/elemental roots. We want to honour and celebrate the colour’s own cricle of life. It is about representing the people that make this whole work possible. They are the colour’s essence. For that, we have asked each person that makes this process possible to work with their own synesthesia to find a name for each colour, so when you get this colour card, you also get a small piece of their story.

This reflects La Doma’s commitment to what we consider an approach to sustainability and commitment to our work, the transparency behind the process of each skin. We look back, we look around us, we rely on each other, while always looking forward to create always a beautiful end product.

Critique S/S 2022

In French, critique has several meanings. It is something grave, something dangerous. It is also something, or someone, who judges; it is the act of judging, and it is the judgement itself. The many-fold meaning of this word reminds us that in the gravest of situations we need not lower our heads. We always have the right to judge the powers that be. We turn judgment into action when we use it to inform and inspire protest. Art has been used to criticize society and power, in more or less obvious ways, for as long as humans remember. The colours of this year’s collection Some are part of the so-called Protest Art movement; some are Though by no means the only important ones, They are not the most radical, either. We are aware they also hold or held prejudices which we do not condone. We have chosen them, however, because we think that some of their ideas are deeply relevant to our times.

Organic Architecture F/W 2021/22

“Nothing is invented, for it is written in nature first” - Antoni Gaudí

Gaudí’s work invites us to be moved by the natural world. He had a symbiotical way of thinking. He was inspired by the idea of harmony between humans and nature.

This collection explores the thoughts, ideas and projects of different architects from the past, like Gaudí and Frank Lloyds Wright. We have looked also at the way contemporary artists, like RCR. They have transformed the essence of space and its relationship with nature, developing that simple idea of harmony into the field now known as Organic Architecture.

Staying true to the original concept of harmony, we have combined current seasonal trends and colours to be found eternally in nature.
This is reflects La Doma’s commitment to sustainability. We look back, we look around us, and we look forwards to create a beautiful product.

Expeditions Extraordinaires S/S 2021

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real” Jules Verne inspires us, as he has inspired so many other men and women over the last 150 years, to think beyond what surrounds them and to dream about different worlds that can come true thanks to their wit and tenacity.

Browns and beiges that evoke the earth through which the characters of Verne move, explore and live a thousand adventures. Blues that remind us of the great love he felt for and his fascination with the sea and its hidden secrets. But above all of them and almost wiping away those colours; Greens. Dark and clear, bluish and yellowish, dirty and clean greens... All lead us towards a homage to nature that always remains an indispensable setting for the work of this great author.

Sofonisba F/W 2020/21

Sofonisba, woman artist in the court of Philip 11 of Spain, knew how to humanise her sitters and transmit the personalities of the various characters in her portraits. She could do that better than any other artist in her time. Courageously, with a sense of humour and joyful wit, she challenged the canons of official court portrait art . Her style and influence spread quickly among contemporary artists and is now seen as the quintessence of 16th century Spanish portraiture.

We have picked for this exhibition the portraits of five noble women, including a self-portrait of the artist herself. I encourage the reader to investigate the lives of these women, and to experience the way in which they break with traditional ideas of the role of women in medieval and Renaissence society. They may help us to challenge and redefine the place that we think women deserve in the history of humanism.

Materia Prima S/S 2020

Prime or raw materials are mineral and agricultural resources which people extract directly out of the natural world. Through a process which is part insudtrial and artisanal, they are turned into intermedite or consumer products.

The importance of these materials for the final product in our case serves as inspirastion for a spring/summer collection which speaks of authenticity, tracebability and sustainability.

On Revolution F/W 2019/20

The work of Diego Rivera, Mexican muralist of the first half of the 20th century, is a source of inspiration for our collection. This is a time for revolution.

Revolutions are sudden and radical changes which shake the very foundations of society - but which, at the same time, act as a medium for evolution, improvment and progress.

With Rivera, we think this is compatible with a sense of belgoning and a willingness to respect a shared past. The colour, shapes and content of Rivera’s murals are drawn from Mexican popular art of Native American origins. We have drawn from the spirit of his work to create a collection that speaks liekwise of warmth, hope, strenght, love of tradition and optimism for what has to happen.

We find value in the past which grounds our way of life.
Yet we want to reassess it with a clear mind and from a new prespective. The aim of this collection is thus to reproduce Rivera’s genial choice of colour, as well as the sheer joy and hope for a better world that his murals convey. We respect the past, but, look upon the future with determination and courage.

Botanica S/S 2019

We draw inspiration from the work of 18th and 19th century naturalists. This is a tribute, in particular, to the work of Maria Sibylla Merian, the German-born botanist and magnificent illustrator.

A palette of exquisite colours that give us a sophisticated version of the plant and insectivorous nature under study. The joy of reversing the puritanical aesthetic of ancient explorers.
We must revisit the way we see the world. We must approach it with a curiosity almost childish, but at the same time detailed and perfectionist. It is the curiosity of those people who knew how to capture the reality that surrounded them and divulge it by developing a perfect symbiosis between science and art.

Back to Earth F/W 2018/19

Years and years of artificial compositions, of looking for new materials and of developing and redeveloping alloys for the sole purpose of producing fast and cheap. But the world of fashion has taken a great step back from this; and another one foward. Leather, wool, silk and cotton - these are natural products, incomparably beatiful, the result of a long artïsanal and cultural tradition, whose essence and great value the industry is again prepared to see.
Similar can be seen elsewhere now. We are increasingly conscious of what we eat and where it comes from, and we demand it being as respectful to the natural order as possible. “Slow food”, natural wine and locally sourced products, like leather, are valued for their authenticity; and because they take us closer to the sort of society we aspire to be.

The Collection

Warm, earthy colours. Soft-to-the-touch, natural-looking finishings on animal products. This year’s showcase of colours and finishings reflects our being, as a firm, and in line with the best part of the world, ever more conscientious and caring. We want to satisfy the market’s taste for the classic, natural feel of leather while we strive towards the most efficient and enviromentaly-friendly production techniques the leather industry has ever seen.