Leather working group

A change in the humanly more sustainable model of society implies a change in business mentality that has led LA DOMA, S.A. to certify the effort made in the last decade to the environment, obtaining in 2021 the LWG certification with a silver medal.

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Our commitment to reduce enviromental impact

LA DOMA, S.A. is in the implementation phase of a methodology based on the analysis of the life cycle within its policy towards sustainability.

- It has redesigned its industrial processes in order to minimize its impact on the environment. (25% NaCl reduction, and 10% detergent reduction).

- Looking for ways to reduce their impact:
• Valorising their wastes.
• Reduction of water consumption
• Reduction of energy consumption
• Reduction the Chemicals consumption

- Reformulating its products offering some more sustainable products (tanning chrome free, or metal free) in those cases where it is technically possible.

- Providing new solutions to traditional processes: The supercritical CO2 project is a key element to achieve our objectives of both quality and environmental.

CO2 Machine

The general objective of the project initiated by La Doma a few years ago was the replacement of water in the process of tanning the skins with CO2 in a supercritical state.

Based on the above, La DOMA has developed a completely new prototype, which allows the application of CO2 as a supercritical fluid.
Currently, supercritical CO2 technology is being used for the degreasing of the skins, one of the most sensitive stages of the fur manufacturing process; both for the use of detergents and for its highwater consumption.

Almost 25% of the production capacity of the Dressage is currently processed by supercritical CO2 technology so that water and detergent costs are significantly reduced in the skin treatment process. As well as the processing time.

The CO2 is used in a circular way, being purified in the same process and the ethyl lactate used as a cosolvent with the CO2. Our tests have shown that using Supercritical Fluids technology:

• We reduce the time spent in each of the stages and simplify them.
• We practically eliminate the consumption of water used throughout the process.
• We increase the fineness of flower and the consistency of the skins.
• We produce a skin with the brightest wool.
• We can use a series of biodegradable solvents with specific characteristics for use in the process that are compatible with CO2 in a supercritical state.

The distillation funds of ethyl lactate with fats extracted from the skin are currently valued for the manufacture of biodiesel.

I & D at La Doma

La Doma in recent years it has opened a line of I&D in the different stages of leather manufacturing in order to:

• Reduce NaCl consumption

• Prolong the conservation of the Skins in more organic stages, improving the quality and facilitating the adaptation to the fluctuation of the demand.

Social Ethics

At the heart of our company are the people who work there.

At La Doma both genders are almost equally represented in numbers across all levels of seniority.

We are committed to the ongoing training of our employees and to encouraging teamwork where everyone provides, from their department, the know-how necessary to ensure that our customers have a high quality product.

The most advanced technology must always be accompanied by the observation of the past and the conservation of the artisanal know-how of a sector as old as ours.

We strive every day to achieve excellence in the manufacture of our products, and we know that the wellbeing of the people who make them is what will help us the most. In this way we have been improving the factory to make it a space with as much natural light as possible, more green spaces for rest periods, and increased safety measures in the machinery we use. Above all, we promote a close and constant dialogue with our people to build, day by day, a company ready to face the challenges that the future will bring us.